Important Facts About Immigration Lawyers That You Should Know

Do you want to be a lawyer and want to learn the immigration lawyer process? Or do you actually need an immigration lawyer? If your answer to one or both questions is yes, then please read on and keep yourself informed.


What is an immigration lawyer? And what is the immigration lawyer process?

Basically, an immigration lawyer is still a lawyer but they have a unique process and they are different from other kinds of lawyers. The majority of immigration lawyers tend to spend their time helping people and trying cases that are related to difficulties regarding requirements for immigration. The immigration lawyer process involves providing counsel or advice to immigrants or foreign citizens who need to face U.S. authorities for immigration. Immigration lawyers also provide guidance and advice for matters that involves green cards, visa applications, non-citizen employments, deportation issues and citizenship and naturalization. However, the immigration lawyer process can also involve facing an immigration judge if the client is scheduled for an immigration hearing.


Also unlike other kinds of lawyers, immigration lawyers do not spend as much time handling civil disputes within a court of law. Instead, they usually act as the mediator between the immigration authorities (usually the US Citizenship and Immigration Services or the USCIS) and between their client/s. Furthermore, immigration lawyers also handle cases that involve criminal laws and immigration.


In what situations is an immigration lawyer needed?

Majority of the time, immigration lawyers are hired to help submit an application for a green card or visa. However, here are some other instances when an immigration lawyer is needed.

  • Previous applications for immigration were denied. If your applications were denied in the past, you might want to consult with an immigration lawyer. They will be able to find out why your application was denied in the first place. Also, they will be able to tell you if you can re-apply later on.
  • If you have been imprisoned for a crime. Almost all of USCIS forms that you have to fill-up will inquire whether you have been convicted of a law offense in the past. As an applicant, you will have to disclose your complete criminal record. You even have to mention charges that have been expunged or dropped. Due to the criminal nature, you might think about hiring a criminal lawyer but that is not necessary. After all, an immigration lawyer understands how criminal and immigration laws overlap and immigration lawyers can help you with both.
  • If you have been deported or barred from entry into the US in the past. Most of the times, when you have been deported or barred in the past, this means that you cannot submit any applications for entry. By hiring an immigration lawyer, you can ask for advice regarding the effects of being barred and deported on your future immigration applications.


These are just some cases where you might need an immigration lawyer. Make sure that you have some idea about the immigration lawyer process before calling them. This is to guarantee that they are who you need for your case.

How To Choose The Right Attorney

In this day and age, it is only a question of time before you need an attorney who will represent you, either in a court of law or during some meeting or negotiations. The right attorney will increase the chances of eventual success, so choosing the right one is in no means a fool’s errand. Because we know exactly how much good can come out of a good attorney, we’ve compiled a series of steps you should take in order to choose the right attorney.

Step 1 – No Paralegals or Middlemen

First of all, you should choose a real attorney, and never discuss your case with a middleman or a paralegal. They cannot defend you in a court of law, nor can they be officially recognized as attorney, so there is no point in talking to them in the first place.

Step 2 – Make time for conversation

Make sure you make some time for a visit to the attorney who will be representing you. This part is important because you can take notes an write down everything you wish to know and you wish to ask him, and don’t have to worry about forgetting it. Make sure you take about 1 hour to discuss your case with the attorney, but also to discuss anything you wish to learn.

Step 3 – Don’t be Shy

There is no need for you to be shy in front of your attorney. Remember, they are attorneys, so they’ve probably already heard all of it before. You need to tell him everything, because in that case, your attorney cannot be blindsided by the other side. Also, more information leads to a better understanding of the case, which in turn leads to a higher success rate,

Step 4 – Discard attorneys that rush you

If, in any way, you feel as if the attorney is rushing you to make a decision, or if he’s not answering all of your questions, than leave his office and find a better attorney. Make sure you choose an attorney that will make time to explain everything to you in a good and slow manner.

Step 5 – Ask About Costs

As it was said earlier, don’t let the attorney hide anything from you. Ask him if there are any hidden costs, and directly ask him how much will the entire case cost. Make sure you get a direct answer, and do not settle for anything less.

Step 6 – Avoid Former Cops or Prosecutors

Make sure you keep away of former policemen and prosecutors, because most of them switched sides only to make more money. That means that he is into this only for the money, and there is a good chance that he will sell you out if there is a chance for him to do so.

Step 7 – Try out New Businesses

New businesses can be a good place to visit in case you are not a very rich man. Some of the new attorneys will work for a low wage, just to get out there and to be heard of. Check them out, and if you don’t like them, there are always other places you can visit.

How To Choose The Right Lawyer

LawyerEveryone will need a law firm for something, somebody will need it sooner and somebody will need it later. It can be a very daunting experience to venture into the realm of lawsuits, laws and judgments for the first time.

Even experienced defendants and plaintiffs can have difficulty getting the best presentation and worth out of their law attorney.  You can compound this complexity with the fact that many your success rests on how you have chosen your lawyer and who you finish up with and it is also easy to fall with a bad case of analysis paralysis.  But, if you follow a few simple rules, you can have much better accomplishment – and just as significantly suffer much less annoyance-in your journey through the legal system.

  1. Find the Right Lawyer

The most important thing here is that you need to realize that you are not looking for a best friend, you are looking for a lawyer. The thing is that the qualities you would want in a friend, are surely not those you want in your lawyer. You have to remember that you are looking for a legal aid, professional relationship and expect nothing less than professional treatment.  To say this simply, you should always approach this as the business relationship that it is.  And one more thing, do not look for an attorney that you saw on your favorite TV drama or a movie. You need a real and professional attorney.

  1. ReferencesLawyer

Word of mouth is the best advertising as with any business. That is also the best way for you to realize who has done poorly or well for people whose judgment you value. Although nobody you know has experience with a lawyer who deals with what you need, still you can get some feedback if you know where to look. If you are selling a house with no real estate agent, you can check with the local title companies in order to see who they have had good experiences with.  In the same way, you can check with the local chamber of commerce in order to see who has good relations with the local business community – if you need a lawyer for your small business.

  1. Using the Search Engines

You could get stuck when it comes to finding the right lawyer for your needs even with all the potential resources out Lawyerthere.  That is why the Internet is a blessing.  Search engines can be used to find lawyers in your area. Additionally, has an attorney at law that allows you to find attorneys by specialty or state.

  1. Specialty

Specialty is one other important thing to think about when picking lawyer -that is, ensuring the lawyer you have hired is the lawyer that you need. To say that simply, do not hire an estate lawyer if you need a criminal defense lawyer – even if he is an old family friend. Remember, you are looking for professionals. In the same way, you want to ensure that you have the right specialist to meet your needs even in civil cases. Intellectual property law is much different from property law- so, you need to make sure your lawyer frequently practices the kind of law you need.